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SilverSox by EquiFit

SilverSox provide support to your horse's legs while at work and also help guard against fungus with the power of silver. Made of a stretchable and breathable stockinette, SilverSox aid in keeping legs clean; offering protection for horses prone to leg irritations,often caused by dirt and debris build up, scratches, boot rubs or those with minor leg abrasions. Silver Sox utilizes a 99.9% pure silver X-Static technology in its compression fabric that is antimicrobial, antibacterial, and odor-inhibiting. They help keep leg temperature even by reflecting heat back for warmth while evaporating moisture for cooling. The result is drier, cleaner, more comfortable legs.

Silver Sox can be used as a lining under leg boots and bell boots to help reduce fungal and bacterial skin conditions and aid circulation. Silver fabric is stretchy and snug- fitting and the 2 yard length can be trimmed with sharp scissors to achieve the size you want. Most effective for approximately 1-3 uses. Can be machine washed and air dried.

Sold as: Individual, Barn Roll

Size: 3" x 2" yard, or 3" x 10" yard