Blanket Services

Wash: $29 per blanket, $36 with hood, $45 blanket with one liner, $5 hood only

Waterproofing: $29

Repairs: Prices vary depending on the repair.


Clippers & Blades Services

 Small Clipper & 1 set of blades: $13

Large Clipper & 1 set of blades: $18

Small Clipper Blades (per pair): $3.75

Large Clipper Blades (per pair): $4.75

Repairs: Prices vary depending on the repair.


Equine Vacuums


Motor – $98.75

Switch – $3.25

Hose – $37.75

Serrated Nozzle – $27.25

Dust Bag – $47.50

Other Services: Labor Charge


Barbour Coats

Rewaxing: $82.50

Repair: Prices vary depending on the repair. 


Tack Oiling

Oiling of new tack: Prices upon request



Plates are available in classic, traditional, elegant, ornamental, and fancy shapes. We offer varying size and font options for all of the listed plates, disks, and tags listed. Please call the store (540) 687-3231 or email for all engraving orders.

  • Stall Plates
  • Halter Plates
  • Saddle Plates
  • Bridle, Martingale, and Strap Goods Plates
  • Girth Plates
  • Lead Shank Plates
  • Trunk and Box Plates
  • Bridle Disks and Hanging Tags
  • Dog Tags



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