Rambo® Micklem Competition Bridle


Made from high-quality, hand-rubbed leather the crownpiece, noseband and browband are softly padded for your horses comfort. The D-ring has been removed from the noseband for a cleaner show-ring ready look. Stainless steel hardware. Rubber reins included.
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Rambo Micklem Competition Bridle

This show quality bridle is made from hand finished leather with soft padding on the headpiece, brow-band, noseband and cheek-pieces.  This unique bridle has been designed to comfortably fit the shape of the horses’ skull, avoiding pressure on sensitive areas.

Designed by William Micklem who is an international coach, speaker and a bestselling author. He designed this bridle to fit the shape of the horse’s skull, making it the most effective, most comfortable and the most flexible bridle ever designed.


·         Matching rubber reins (Lengths: Pony & Small Horse 51″, Horse 54″, Large Horse 57″)

·         Bit clips

·         2 sets of bit straps

·         Flexible

·         Fits the shape of the horse’s skull

·         Winner of the innovation award at BETA International in 2008


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Horse, Pony, Cob, Oversize




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