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The Parlanti Miami Field Boots are crafted from the finest Italian calfskin leather to achieve the comfort, durability, and profiled fit that Parlanti is known for. It’s the perfect ready to wear boot that has no break in time that fits and looks like a custom boot. The Miami Field Boots are equipped with front laces and an elastic back panel to ensure a snug and flexible fit. Back zippers for improved fit and easy on and off. Style features include dual spur holders, a plain toe cap and high Spanish top with metal logo plaque. It’s fully lined and constructed with a glued and stitched rubber sole. We love these boots for the comfort and good looks they provide.

The style and innovation of Parlanti Boots are second-to-none, as the Parlanti Passion Collection is still the most copied and imitated product by top-level brands. Ranked the #1 Riding Boot in the World!

How to measure for your Parlanti Boots:
All Parlanti Tall Boot shoe sizes are measured using European sizing (EU). If you do not know what your shoe size is in EU, then you will need to convert your size from your current shoe measurement system to EU. You can convert US shoe sizes to EU sizes using our US/EU Shoe Conversion Chart (Click to open in new window). Parlanti tall boots run true to size and you should not have to account for any differences in shoe sizes to match Parlanti’s fitting. Once you have successfully found your EU shoe size, Find this number on the Parlanti Tall Boot Size Chart.

Measure your calf width:
Once you have found your European Shoe Size, you will need to find your calf width (in centimeters). You need to do this measurement with your breeches and riding socks on. Start by taking a tape measure (in centimeters) and measure the WIDEST PART of BOTH of your calves. If both of your calves have different measurements, use the larger measurement of the two calves. Make sure that you measure in centimeters! Do not measure in inches and try to convert the measurement! (Trust us on this one). Circle the corresponding set of calf widths on the right hand side of the column on the chart. TIP: If you are in-between calf sizes, go larger. Boots that are too tight around the calf could put your zippers at risk!

Find your calf height:
After you have found your calf width, you will need to find your calf height measurement. This is where having another person help you measure would be beneficial. Essentially you are measuring the distance from the bottom of your heel to the crease in the back of your knee (in centimeters). Be sure that the leg is slightly bent (like the diagram shown) and that you are barefoot, or in socks. This measurement should be taken from the back, and not from the front or sides. Once you have your measurement, add 1.5CM to this number to account for drop. Circle the closest measurement to your corresponding foot size and calf width options.

Find your corresponding size:
Once you have found your shoe size, calf width, and calf height all you need to do is get your size code! This is as simple as following the cell that contained your calf width and calf height measurements and follow it to the first column! Then you add your shoe size to the front of the size! The person below would be a 39 MH (39 Shoe, Medium Calf Width, X Tall Calf Height). If you’re curious as to how sizing codes work, scroll down to the bottom of the page.

Questions about sizing? Contact our knowledgeable sales staff for help at 540-687-3231. Or if you are local to our store, stop in and we’ll do the measuring for you.


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