Charles Owen JL9 Body Protector




The JL9 Body Protector provides the feel of gel with the performance of foam. The gel material has an extremely malleable feel and less rigid fit than other materials, enabling the product to mold to the body. Certified to BETA level 3, the JL9 body protector provides the maximum in protection without bulk.

A dual security and fastening system over the shoulders ensures that the protector stays in place. Elasticated hook and loop fastening straps go over the shoulders and are secured by press studs. The front of the JL9 zips up and features a covered padded flap that protects the zipper. The quick release three pronged elasticated belt provides additional garment security.

Choosing the Correct Size

Take three measurements A, B & C; select the corresponding size of body protector to try. If you are at the top or the bottom of a size, we recommend that you try the two closest sizes. To check that it is the correct fit, follow the
instructions below.

(A) Chest Girth (B) Waist Girth (C) Over Shoulder
Child Medium 61-71cm (24”- 28”) 57-67cm (22.5”- 26.5”) 56-66cm (22”- 26”)
Child Large 67-77.5cm (26.5”- 30.5”) 63.5-73.5cm (25”- 29”) 62-72cm (24.5”- 28.5”)
Child XLarge 79-89cm (31”- 35“) 75-85cm (29.5”- 33.5”) 73.5-84cm (29”- 33”)
Adult Small 83-93cm (32.5”- 36.5”) 77.5-92.5cm (30.5”- 36.5”) 78.5-89cm (31”- 35”)
Adult Medium 91.5-101.5cm (36”- 40”) 85.5-91.5cm (33.5”- 36”) 86.5-96.5cm (34”- 38”)
Adult Large 95.5-105.5cm (37.5”- 41.5”) 89-104cm (35”- 41”) 90-100cm (35.5”- 39.5”)
Adult XLarge 106.5-127cm (42”- 50”) 100.5-125.5cm (39.5”- 49.5”) 101.5-112cm (40”- 44”)

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Child's M, Child's L, Child's XL, Adult S, Adult M, Adult L, Adult XL


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