Centaur® Pessoa Waterford Elevator Gag


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Also known as the Three/Four-ring Gag. There is usually one ring above the mouthpiece, to which the cheekpiece is attached and adds poll pressure. The ring below that is attached straight to the mouthpiece, and acts similarly to a snaffle. The lower ring(s), of which there are usually two, are for a second rein to be attached, and they provide the gag action. The lower the second rein is placed, the more “leverage” is applied. The waterford mouthpiece provides a secure, comfortable placement in your horse’s mouth.

The Pessoa Waterford Elevator Gag bit, designed by Nelson and Rodrigo Pessoa. Pessoa bits combine innovative design, quality workmanship and the world class Pessoa expertise into this fabulous line of effective bits. Made from the highest grade of 18/8 Stainless Steel. Lifetime guarantee against rust.

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5", 5 1/2"


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