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Equine Elixers Ulceraser


Ulceraser's forage-based all-natural proprietary blend provides daily support of the entire GI tract. Ulceraser is ideal for horses subject to the most common risk factors for digestive upset and ulcers, including training, traveling, competition, limited turnout, and forage, large grain meals, use of nonsteroidal anti-inflammatories, changes in weather, or other forms of stress. Signs your horse may have ulcers include irritability, resistance to the leg, weight loss, poor appetite, girthiness, spookiness, anxiousness, frequent colic, and colic-like symptoms, dull coat, and poor performance.

30 day supply.

Please see https://www.equineelixirs.com/products/equine-gastric-support-and-ulcer-prevention for more info.