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Horse Care

Curry on a Stik


This new curry comb for horses, dogs, and cats has been specially designed to make massaging, grooming & bathing easier and much more effective. Husband and wife team, Jeff and Sharon, worked studiously developing, designing, testing and perfecting the details of our curry brush for over two years. Unlike other curry brushes that roughly strip hair from the coat, or tear with small razors, our curry only removes old hair while also removing stagnation & increasing blood flow for an enhanced therapeutic experience.

Curry on a Stik boasts a Veterinarian-Approved design with a rugged and durable construction with no rivets or screws.  The brush balances comfortably in your hand, allowing you to gently massage while loosening grime & shedding old hair.  The double-sided brush works well on thin and thick coats, as well as for both left & right handed individuals, allowing you to conveniently switch from coarse to soft brush sides.  Utilize while bathing — works great with shampoo & water!