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For The Horse

Amigo® Insulator Stable Blanket (100g Lite)


The Amigo® Insulator is ideal for horses that feel the cold. The Amigo® Insulator includes liner loops, making it compatible with our range of liners enabling you to instantly choose the right weight for your horse with one versatile stable blanket outer.

Constructed in a breathable polyester, this puffer jacket-inspired blanket pays optimum attention to your horse’s comfort with a quilted cut and carefully placed seams. A shine-enhancing lining helps prevent rubs and reduces friction, supporting a healthy coat shine. Straight front closures and two adjustable cross surcingle’s allow for a snug, tailored fit with fillet string. And with a detachable hood, available separately, this stable blanket gives you the choice to blanket your horse according to their needs; One happy horse and one very happy horse owner!