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Dog Collars & Leashes

Edgewood Leather Dog Collars

Edgewood Dog Collars, Leashes and Walking Leads are designed to complement their line of fine English Tack. Careful attention to detail sets the collars and accessories apart from all others. They are manufactured in the USA from the same quality American leather as what is used for their English Tack. Solid brass buckles and D-rings are hand-sewn into place with handcrafted, square-corner keepers. We don’t believe you’ll find a finer dog collar, leash or walking lead anywhere.

Available styles:
Flat (no edgestitch), Edgestitch, Plain- or Fancy-raised, We offer a nameplate-space option on all but our Flat, Edgestitch or Extra-Extra-Small Collars.

Available sizes:
XX-Small (not available w/nameplate space), X-Small, Small, Medium, Large and X-Large.

Measure the dog’s current collar from the inside-end of the buckle to the worn-hole and choose the size below that most closely corresponds.

Collar Width Size Fits Neck Sizes Inches to Middle Hole
1/2" XXS 8" to 11" 10 1/2"
1/2" XS 11" to 14" 13 1/2"
5/8" SM 12" to 17" 15 1/2"
3/4" MD 16" to 20" 18"
3/4" LG 19" to 23" 21"
3/4" X-LG 22" to 26" 24"