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Farriers Fix Hoof Oil


Farriers’ Fix Hoof Oil was developed by farrier Paul Heller to draw out soreness and toughen horses’ hooves. This all-natural topical hoof treatment provide vitamins A, D & E, essentials for good quality hooves. It helps address soreness issues that affect the entire hoof from the coronary band to the sole and frog, and helps promote health and healing of the hooves. Farriers’ Fix can be effective in treating many basic foot problems, including sore feet, feet that are too hard and brittle, feet that are too soft, thrush, quarter cracks, laminitis and white line disease. It can be applied under pads at the time of shoeing. It's also good for barefoot horses and ponies and makes an ideal treatment for horses that are jumping and working on adverse surfaces. Contains no petroleum or lacquer, so the hoof can breathe. Natural ingredients penetrate the hoof capsule to balance the moisture content which is essential for a healthy hoof. Available in either 16 oz. or half-gallon sizes.